7 exercises to streamline and shape your knees

The exercises to streamline and shape the knees are very effective if performed consistently and in a targeted way.

You can perform exercises to streamline and shape your knees to reduce the accumulation of fat located in that particular area of ​​the body. This excess of fat above the knees is due to various reasons, such as hormonal factors, genetics, postural problems and a wrong lifestyle such as improper nutrition, alcohol and smoking, stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

How to firm the knees ? To counteract the problem it is necessary to follow a healthy and adequate diet, combined with an exercise that combines aerobic activity and muscle toning. If you are wondering how to have beautiful knees , here are 7 exercises to streamline and shape your knees and have perfect legs.


Lunges are exercises to streamline and shape the knees and calves . Whether they are frontal, side or forward, they are all indicated. It is important to get them at least three times a week for about half an hour.

Walking is one of the most indicated and easy exercises to reduce the circumference of the knee . If you suffer from water retention and tend to accumulate excess fluid in specific areas of your body, you can start walking at least 20 minutes a day, outdoors or on the treadmill: little by little the fat on your knees will disappear.

Walk for firm knees

Among the exercises to shape the knees is also part of the step . You can use a gym step or a step, climbing with one leg on the step and bringing the other leg up with a momentum up to bend it. Repeat the exercise 20 times per leg.

Bicycle to firm the knees

Riding a bike or riding an exercise bike is a slim knee exercise that you should try. Pedaling, in fact, could help you lose weight and tighten your legs and knees . The ideal would be to pedal every day, even if only for short trips, increasing the time of execution of the exercise on the weekend .

Bridge to shape the knees

To slim and shape the knees you can also put yourself in the bridge position, loading the weight of the body on the shoulders, firmly fixed to the mat, and supporting the pelvis with your hands. Then stretch out your arms and keep your knees bent to the ground: bring the right leg up first, with the knee bent and hold the position for one minute. Now change your leg and perform the exercise again for a minute.

Swimming to tone your knees

Swimming is an exercise that is very good for the muscles of the whole body. Precisely for this reason every style of swimming that you practice is a cure for the legs and knees.

Squats to slim your knees

The squat is a useful exercise for toning legs , inner thighs and knees. You can start with three sets of 15 repetitions each. You can also lie on the ground, keeping your back straight, your arms at your sides and your legs outstretched; then bring the right leg and then the left leg to the chest, bending the knee and alternating with three sets of 25 repetitions per leg.

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