5 different ways to wear a white t-shirt in an original way

The white t-shirt is the classic of the classics, the garment we all lost in some drawer. Today we discover how to wear it to enhance it and enhance it.

A white t-shirt can be a real joker in a woman’s wardrobe, a sort of low cost variant of the classic little black dress. She is indeed very well on everything even if, let’s face it, it is easy to be seized by doubts and find yourself wondering: but it will not be a little ‘trivial?

Well, let’s clarify right away: the white t-shirt is never trivial provided obviously knowing how to combine it with wisdom. CheDonna.it suggests today 5 different looks in which to insert this garment and make it literally shine and we with him.

5 looks for a t-shirt

1 – Dress – The white t-shirt was a must in the lingerie last year. This year, however, we can also detach from the underwear effect and insert our white t-shirt under any dress, provided it has very thin straps. So we will arrange those clothes that seem a bit ‘too low-cut. A pair of sneakers will be the perfect complement to this look.

2 – Blue jeans – It is the combination par excellence, the one that makes us immediately go back to the 90s and it never disappoints us. We match a nice pair of high heels to give a touch of chic to everything and you’re done! Do you want to turn the casual look for excellence into an evening look? Match it with important jewels.

3 – The impossible skirt – We all have it, a skirt with a fantasy that drives us crazy but that we just can not match. In this case, simplicity always rewards and what is simpler than a white t-shirt?

4 – Miniskirt – Do you love super short skirts but do you fear becoming immediately vulgar? Do not worry: a white t-shirt is the perfect garment to dampen the look and make it immediately more sober. Then complete the work with a super easy pair of sneakers.

5 – Suit – The t-shirt under the jacket and pants is a choice among the most successful. It also makes the most serious outfit less demanding and opens the door to endless accessories, from the highest heel to the moccasin, from the maxi bag to the clutch bag.

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