10 tips not to get sick in winter

During this season, many diseases increase in both children and adults, so it is essential that you take the necessary prevention measures to avoid getting sick in winter.

Winter is Near

According to Dr. Adam Smith, of the South Carolina Clinic, there are three main health details that you must take care of during these holiday seasons, especially during the holidays: the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal problems and metabolic decompensation.

Tips for not getting sick in winter

The specialist in general medicine, points out 10 tips for not getting sick in winter.

1.- Avoid sudden changes in temperature, not just cover the body, it is also important to cover mouth and nose with covers mouths or a scarf.

2. Avoid being with people who have respiratory diseases.

3.- Wash your hands well when you get home and avoid touching your face at all costs before washing them.

4.- Eat fruits and vegetables with a high content of vitamins D and C.

5.- Take care of the food on December 24 and 31, since there may be some kind of metabolic decompensation .

6.- Eat everything, but take care of the quantities of what you eat.

7.- Moderate the rations of food so as not to alter the diet.

8.- Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages because they have bad consequences to health, and above all, avoid driving a car if you drank too much.

9.- Eat foods that are not decaying; avoid the famous reheated if they are not in good condition.

10.- It is important for children under one year of age to protect them from sudden changes in temperature.

Now you know how to avoid getting sick in winter.

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